Grawley Eats Gorzan is a Ghima Episode. It was so violent that it was banned for infinity. You do not want to watch this episode. You will be frightened. You will be scared. You will be scarared. 37 people died after watching this, 234 were injuried.

Episode Summary

Gorzan is seen walking down while whistling in the Ghima land, while holding a picnic basket and skipping. Grawley jumps out of nowhere and bites Gorzan's head off, and blood splatters in the screen with his eyes dripping down the screen. Donkey Kong appears and punches Grawley until he hits a wall of spikes with blood on them and Grawley turns into a galosh of blood. All of the scary parts were censored. Donkey Kong brings Gorzan back to life using the Ghi. 


  • This episode will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.