The last layer.

Hyperealistic Gaben's TNT Storage Dimension Is Hyper's pocket dimension. He uses it to keep his explosives. It's temperature is so cold that fire cannot exist in it.


1st Layer

The first layer is at the top of the pocket dimension. It resembles a tundra. Snowstorms are created all the time.

2nd layer

The second layer is simply a safe ice cave with VERY rare minerals. Some of them are red diamonds, emeralds, etc. This is where Hyper keeps his grenades.

3rd layer

The third layer has tons of frozen ravines with VERY cold water inside. The ice is very slippery so you could fall in one of them. This is where Hyper keeps his sticks of dynamite.

4th layer

The fourth layer looks like the second layer but with icicles above. There is an ice river with giant ice rocks that could break your boat. There are floating missiles above the river, but are frozen inside a big ice-cube.

There is also a giant dungeon using ice for bricks. The dungeon has ice snakes that spray venom that can kill you. It also has traps such as bear traps with icicles replacing the spikes, water that can freeze you if you touch it, and snow that you could actually sink in. The center of the room has a giant treasure chest with blocks of TNT inside. There is a giant cyborg polar bear that shoots lasers that freeze you if you get touched by them, and then you scatter into a ton of ice-cubes when he punches you in the face. When he gets defeated, a pillar appears with a BIGGER treasure chest that has tons of Tsar Bombs inside, and a giant Death Missile with a skull on it.


  • It is unknown what the Death Missile does.
  • The final layer is the most deadliest.