Laval Does Jousting With Tom is a Legenda Of Ghima episode. It is the season finale of season one.


Tom kidnaps Eris and wants to eat her but Laval Kittenheart does not allow him so he does jousting.

Episode Summary

Laval & Eris are walking on a busy street with busy cars. Oh, and Jerry is driving, but Jerry is too small to drive so he crashes into Tom's house, and Tom jumps out of the window and he thinks that Eris is food so he kidnaps her.

Laval & Jerry team up to save Eris so Tom doesn't eat her. Laval Kittenheart & Jerry dress up as hot cats, and the guards fall in love with them and let them enter the gate to Tom's arena. The two walk up to Tom's table with Eris caged in a bird-cage in the middle of the table. Tom grows hearts on his eye and allows the two girls to come to his table and eat Eris.

Jerry slowly reaches for the key using his bare hand coming out of a cardboard section's hole. He gets the key and slowly brings it into the cardboard disguise. Tom notices this and rips off the two disguises and reveals who they were this whole time and gets so mad that he calls his guards to seize them, and they successfully do it.

Laval wakes up and notices that he is on a lion with sausage strapped onto Laval. The Lion goes insane and almost knocks Jerry off of the lion, and runs into Tom who is riding the Batmobile. Jerry appears and Tom gets flashbacks, and he screams & dies. Eris is finally saved by Laval & Jerry. Laval Kittenheart eats Jerry sadly.


  • This was the first season finale to ever exist on this wiki.