Melt Story is a movie made by Melxar in 1996. This was one of the most popular movies made by Melxar.


Woody comes to life to tell Andy that Mega Bloks is stupid.


Half of the movie is just Andy throwing Woody into walls. The movie clips to Woody going crazy and screaming. All of the toys' limbs spazztically move around the screen and the toys go crazy like Woody. A pic of Slinky being dead appears, and slowly zooms in with a reverse version of "You've Got A Friend In Me". A pic of satan appears at the end of the pic. Andy runs around the hallway and opens up his present. They're Mega Bloks! Oh no! Woody comes to life and screams. He runs down the hallway that Andy ran in and told Andy that Mega Bloks are stupid. A Melxar van appeared with Hyperealistic Gaben coming out with a flamethrower, and melts the Mega Bloks, Then, the Sluban Guy appears. Then Andy, Woody, Sluban Guy, and other toys have a disco party.