The Melxar base is where people discuss things.



Censored information by Melxar. And there features a teleport network.

Floor 1

Floor 1 is where the lobby is, and a lava pool where LEGO rip-offs swim at. There are also two bathrooms and an elevator/staircase.

Floor 2

Floor 2 just has apartment buildings.

Foreign Melxar base

What Melxar's base looks like in Foreign countries

Floor 3

Floor 3 is a sample of Volcanoville where the Infernites visit to melt LEGO rip-offs. You also get barbecue.

Floor 4

YARD SALE! This is where bootleg LEGOs get sold to people who melt things such as The Pyro or Dadaw.

Floor 5

Cafeteria. That's it.

Floor 6

Floor 6 is the office where the Melxar staff discuss what to melt and what to not melt. They also get to have dance parties, ice-cream, soda, and junk food. This only happens at night when people who aren't staff are asleep.

Floor 7

The studio where people make movies. Demi Lovato lives there.

Floor 8

Can't be entered because it will glitch.

Floor 9

This floor will glitch too.

Floor 10

Floor 10 is Hyper's room where he sits on a throne and thinks. Did I mention that this is his thinking spot?


The rooftop is where Hyperealistic Gaben sits and points at stuff and acts evil. Do not go here OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE

Other Places