Roblox (NOT ASSOCIATED WITH LEGO, LELE, BELA, SICK BRICKS, MEGA BLOKS, SHENG YUAN, SLUBAN, DECOOL, CHINESE SYMBOL, OR ANY OTHER BLOCK BRAND) is a money run game for kids. They were founded in 3005 by a man named Warnen G Harding (not the president with a similar name). Harding thought the kids in 2009 would like the game better so he sent it there. Every fun option was set to having to pay $600 which could buy 10 galaxies back in the future.

Once every option to make the game fun was a paid option, he then set up various malwares (including infected scripts like "OH SNAP YOU JUST GOT INFECTED XD XD XD") and ways to make your computer crazy with play. Then he invented anti-malware sites to get more money off his site.

Once it was set up he had to made moderators. One kick for saying what somebody did wrong and a ban for asking somebody if a hoax (Like the Poacher Fake hoax in Pukemons/Pokemon/Powermon) is true. (Yes, there is Roblox Spam) With this, Harding had everything he wanted in a kids game. This was (kid/squid's) tear covered stacks of $$$ and Muck.

The game declined popularity due to the better game of Minecraft which was $27 once as opposed to $600 every year for best gameplay. Harding and his company finally shut down in 9802 when Dadaw took them over when he was Ultdawiac. Despite this their love for money and Muck remains.

There was a user called NomNomNom1 that was actually ROBLOX/Harding's CO-Account that made infected scripts before he made an antivirus.

There is a user called longtnguyen who hates txawesomeness and other noobish users and he is on this wiki right now.


ROBLOX is now a place where people go to muck around and be the idiots they are. In this universe, everyone in robloxia is a doge and is severely allergic to daisy sour cream and quesadillas. It is currently at war with Daisy Sour Cream and its allies.

Unless you are a spam bot, it is physically impossible to be banned from Roblox.