Once you melt, you can't stop!
— Their slogan.

Their logo.

Shopkins fail

A typical Shopkin.

Shopkins are toys that are tiny figurines of things you can find in a typical supermarket (e.g. foodstuffs, housewares, baby products). They are made of plastic, which causes them to be the easiest things to melt. Despite this, they are constantly boycotted by Trumpsy.

Wikia Contributors are very fond of melting them, but Dadaw is known for melting all the Shopkins. He even melted Cupcake Queen, the rare Limited Edition Shopkin of which only 100 were made.

The easiest Shopkin to melt is Cool Cube, an ice cube who melts as soon as you take it out of the package!

The only good Shopkin is Meltin Muffin. Instead of melting himself, he melts other Shopkins. After all, HE HAS MELT IN HIS FRIDAYING NAME!!!

A list of them can be found at

Their wiki always gets spammed on by the TOILETS contributor and her friends

They got ripped off by TrumpsyCompany's new toy FakeKinz!

Along with No More Baby Dogs they are the reason ISIS exists.

They have a subdivision called Happy Places which is just as bad.

They can fit on the tops of pencils but they aren't even erasers! Seriously, what's the point!

List of Famously Melted Shopkins