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Will make you sick.


It's just guys terrorizing stuff and making things out of stuff that isn't their's. They try to freeze Overlord Nuclear and want to kill all of the legos.


If you are a LEGO melter, you may find this show VERY offensive. Read at your own risk.

You can expect everything being a rip-off of The BATMAN Movie, but things can get EVEN WORSE. Cold Justice lives in a dojo where he beats up dummies that look like Dadaw, Emmet, Flain, etc. When walking, he says rude stuff about us melters. This also happens in the game. Some of the stuff he says is "Melting is terrible! LEGO is the true rip-off! Freezing is better!" or "LEGO melters, huh? Those guys are clones of the devil. Lol.". You heard me. The other guys such as ugly sumo walk around and do flat-out nothing but do stuff with Cold Justice for no reason. Nobody likes this show.
Cold Justice

When trying to kill LEGOs without melt them.