— Anyone who meets them
Mixels Finger Family Super Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Baby Songs

Mixels Finger Family Super Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Baby Songs


The Finger Family may seem like typical nursery rhyme at first, but once you learn they have become a FETISH, you will never see them in the same way.

Their job is to kidnap characters from every franchise, including ones NOT FOR KIDS (*cough*Five Night's at Freddy's, Family Guy, etc.*cough*), and put them in their videos to brainwash children into singing their theme song. They rarely have success at this.

They were recently nuked by Melxar's new monster, Denjaa, therefore destroying all of them.


Daddy Finger: The leader of the pack who can replicate the Weegee Death Stare (which is 600x worse than the regular Luigi death stare) perfectly. He uses tranquilizer darts to kidnap characters, and he created the Finger Family theme song after Starfire sung it when tranquilized. Rumor has it that he is actually Johnny Johnny's Papa in disguise.

Mommy Finger: The "nice" one of the group. She bakes cookies, but they're actually made with Ghi so they turn victims into fat drug addicts. She once tried to start a Finger Tribe in Ghima but failed miserably.

Brother Finger: The stereotypical nasty, annoying little brother, multiplied by OVER 9000. All he does is whine, whine, whine. He can kill people with his voice.

Sister Finger

Baby Finger


  • Remember, kids: MELT THEM AT ALL COSTS!
  • Their catchphrase is "Here I am, here I am, how do you do?"
  • Their song made it to -78328737832873289 on the Ultdawiac Empire Hot 100.
  • Middle finger appears in all the videos.

Gallery of their Satanic creations

WARNING: DO NOT show these videos to any pregnant mothers or anyone who has a sewious medical condition. Hide all the little children in the room. If you are daring enough to watch these videos, be warned that you might end up getting brainwashed, hypnotized, nuked, a twisted face & brain, or nuked.

They were too scary to put on the page itself so I made a bulleted list of links.