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This is a movie produced entirely by LELE Studios, released on January 28, 2016. A test screening was held in 2015 in China.
Everything is LELE


Just think of the LEGO Movie, but with all the characters being bootleg versions of themselves (e.g. Red Hair Emmet), and Lalaloopsies.

The theme song of the movie is All of This is Normal, a bootleg version of Everything is Awesome with poorly-translated lyrics.

Heck, every line in the film is just a poorly-translated version of every line from The LEGO Movie!

Full Plot

One day, Em...Matt woke up and found a red rubbish bin sticked to his back. He tried to get rid of it but failed. So he asked his comrade, Red Hair Emmet to pull it off. Failed.

Then, Wildstyle appeared and told him that he is the "Special Spammer". Later they departed to Marshmallow Hell. A lot of weird-looking people met him and Barista the Larry held a council. Then some robots lead by Fat Panda ambushed them thus slaying them all. At last, William Shake-Spear died while drafting this story.

(add more please! Fit the Lele Angels in there somewhere!)


During the test screening, 66.666666666666666666666...% of viewers died. Another 21% got either a twisted face and brain, hypnosis, or amnesia. All the viewers who survived the test screening (save for Madison M. and Dadaw) ended up speaking in bad grammar.