Triggerwarning TRIGGER WARNING!
Donald trumpsy
We need to build a fake Lego!
— Trumpsy

Trumpsy is a Mixel who is the 45th president of 'Merica.

He wants to boycott everything we know and love, like Starbucks, Oreos, Shopkins, Melxar, Macy's, HBO, Chinese products, melting, Italy, Fox News, Ghima, melting, Bela, melting, Nightmare Enterprises, Yo-Kai Watch, LEGO Snoop Dogg, melting,Apple, Curious George, Mixels,Disney, Filthy Frank, Adam West, Tripledent Gum, MLP, Renato Aragao, Rusty Shackleford, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, melting, MLG Montage Parodies, Shrek, Cool ranch Doritos, and cheeeeeeeezy nachos.

Fortunately, he also boycotts stuff we hate like Daisy Sour Cream and No More Baby Dogs! The only things he likes are Spam, money, Nixellers, gerrymandering, and Teletubbies! He is also one of the Spam Lords! Don't elect him president.

He really loves boycotting Bieber bootleg LEGOs. He even wants to boycott them more than the other boycotts. That's why it's put seperate.

He appeared as a villain in Spoons: The Movie and Spoonstin Beiber sings about him in that movie, by using the song The Trumpsy Wall (song). He eventually dies and is banned from the afterlife, tho.

He was in Soldier of Mixfortune.

He hates everything on this list.

Gopher King compared him to Dale Gribble for stupid reasons.

Also, he's a ripoff of Snax, well, with the big cheeks.

This link will help you find out what Trump will do to you because he is president: The Free Trump Score test

He has horrible hair.

Papa is voting for him,that is another reason why Papa is creepy.

He made a parody of Johnny Johnny called Crooked Hilary.

Him and Hi are the only bad spam lords!

He makes fake LEGO called Trumpsy bricks.

He has a robot minion named Tin Can.

His favorite YouTuber is FunToyzCollector!

Trumpsy made Kidz bop,Trumpsy Noms, FakeKinz, his company is called TrumpsyCompany.

He is one of the Seven Super Idiots.

He is plummeting in the polls.

He founded SevenTrumpsyTrumpFans

He is very racist to Mexicans like Sombra and most Middle Eastern people.

Pranks, , :)